thatguyswiftie13[Taylor] came out and I was screaming that I loved her and if I could get a picture with her and she was like “of course come over!” And then she hugged me and I was shaking so badly so she was like “do you want a selfie?” And I was like “yeah” but I was shaking so badly so she was like “here let me take that” and so she took the phone and took a picture and then she was like “haha I have long arms.”



taylor is so so so smart and intelligent i’m really excited to see what else she does with her career as far as other projects go because yes she can sing/write/put on big shows but gosh she’s got such a good head on her shoulders even if she does stop making music/performing she won’t lose the experiences or anything she’s learned and i have a good feeling she’s going to put that towards something like maybe a book or something



"In order to prepare for the role of Rosemary, I figured out what memory I had in my own life that would make me want to make the choice that she made. And it’s a memory that always brings me to a place where I can’t really talk about it without crying."




This is my dad, his name is David and he has cancer. It started in his stomach and then spread into his liver, blood, bones, and brain and now, after ten years of fighting we’re at the end of the line and he’s going to die soon.
He’s always been a really great dad and my best friend; he raised me all alone from the time I was 7 years old, an still managed to give me a wonderful and loving childhood, and always made me his number one priority. So now I want to do something for him.
For as long as I can remember he’s collected college t-shirts, his goal was to get one from every college in the country, and he has over 300 so far, but he can’t get around so well anymore and I was hoping that maybe, if any of you lived near a college you could send him one to help complete his collection before he dies.
I really love my dad and he’s an incredibly funny, charming, kind person and I’m sure you would all love him if you met him too, and I really want to make this happen for him but I do need help. In return I’ll pay for the shirt and the shipping and even send you a picture of my super cool dad wearing the shirt if you want it! Thank you.

The mailing address is:

David and Tzipporah
New York, ny 10017

I came to Nashville when I was 13 and got a demo record deal because I had been trying for so many years and I had been performing anywhere I could and knocking on doors and writing songs. And so I walked in with my guitar into the record label, we had set up an appointment because I had met some people who had you know set it out for me. And I sat down and I played a bunch of songs so that’s how I got a record deal when I was 13, that eventually ended up falling through and I ended up signing to another company Big Machine Records which is my current record label. But in between that time I went to all the publishing companies and set up meetings because those are the ones in charge of your songwriting and the songs and pitching to other artists and basically a lot to do with your songwriting. So I walked in and just played my music for these people, that’s how I got a lot of you know either record deal and publishing deal, just walking in with my guitar, opening up the case pulling it out and playing.
Taylor Swift 2008 (x)